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RMAN compress backup to Amazon cloud

RMAN Compress backup

  • Backup database without compress: 1016 MB (database is only default configure without data)
  • Backup database with compress: 346,7 MB (database is only default configure without data)
RMAN> backup as compressed backupset database;
RMAN> list backup;

List of Backup Sets

BS Key  Type LV Size       Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time
------- ---- -- ---------- ----------- ------------ ---------------
2       Full    1.16G      SBT_TAPE    00:01:10     11-OCT-16
        BP Key: 2   Status: AVAILABLE  Compressed: NO  Tag: TAG20161011T110923

Secure Oracle RMAN backup to Amazon cloud S3

Configure secure backup to Amazon cloud S3. Use database webfly01.

Create table EMP_TEST in tablespace user:

CREATE TABLE emp_test (
     emp_id NUMBER(6) NOT NULL,
     first_name VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL,
     last_name VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL,
     email VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL,
     salary NUMBER(8,2),
     comm_pct NUMBER(2,2),
     mgr_id NUMBER(6))
tablespace USERS;
INSERT INTO emp_test VALUES (1,'Peter','Bucek','oracle@webfly.sk',11500,0.05,3);
INSERT INTO emp_test VALUES (2,'Yves','Smith','yves@webfly.sk',16500,0.02,3);
INSERT INTO emp_test VALUES (3,'Jo','Ma','jo@webfly.sk',15000,0.04,NULL)...

Oracle RMAN backup to Amazon cloud S3

After installation you can use to backup database cloud. The deposit is a replacement for tape and is available within a few hours. Of course, are determinants to backup to the cloud and depend on the size of the database, upload speed internet access and a defined geographic location. RESTORE speed is slower than from local storage, backup to the cloud is meant to replace the tape to improve our backup strategy. Amazon Web Services to use metered costs are very competitive, it does not require the licensed product and backup integrates directly with RMAN backup. This article provides a quick ...

RMAN Oracle db in DigitalOcean

Backup Oracle database, where is installed in Digital Ocean droplet (virtual server).

Oracle status:

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Oct 10 07:26:19 2016
Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Connected to:
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Advanced Analytics and Real Application Testing options

SQL> select instance_name,status,database_status,archiver,version from v$instance;

---------------- ------------ ----------------- --...